• Ecofriendly Biotech Products for
    Agriculture and Industry
  • High Performance Liquid Biofertilizers for
    Quality and Quantity of Farm Produce.
  • High Efficiency Microbes (HEM) for
    Quick Removal Of BOD from Industrial Effluents
  • Compost Bio-Kinetizer for
    Bio-Organic compost
  • “Natural Antioxidants” and Phytonutrients
    Isolated From Plant Source.

about biomax

Branded fertilizers to help farmers around the world produce more while conserving more....

Biomax is a biotechnology company founded in 1998 and based in Mumbai, India. Main objective of Biomax is to offer simple but innovative products to serve the mother earth, the plants, the man and the animals. Aware of the environmental issues and the need for green technology, Biomax emphasizes on the natural products of microbial or plant origin for most applications.

Caring for the environment Biomax offers a spectrum of eco-friendly products for earth care, plant care, health care, animal care and fabric care.


  • For Fruits

    Grow more, cell more, and earn more with Biomax product “LIFE”.

  • For Row crops

    Slash your treatment costs; improve your profitability with “LIFE”.

  • For Vegetable gardens

    Use Biomax LIFE for more money with rapid growth, healthier plants, higher yields.

  • Flower Gardens

    Get more, larger and brighter flowers attracting better price and higher profits! Use “LIFE” for your flower gardens.

  • For Plantation Crops

    Boost the yields of Tea, coffee, medicinal plants, cardamom, and other spices, “naturally” with “LIFE”.

  • Oil Palms

    To prevent wastage of fertilizers use LIFE. It saves up to 70% of fertilizer costs.

  • Lawns

    Feed & Protect your lawns in the NATURAL way. Keep the disease-causing microbes at bay. Use Biomax “LIFE”.

  • Green Houses

    Grow healthy green house exotics, flowers & ornamentals of desired size and colour with Biomax “LIFE”.

  • Hydroponics

    Use LIFE for Increased nutrient availability, Improved water quality and clarity, Reduced sludge and algae accumulation, Reduced fungal attack.

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