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Biomax is a biotechnology company founded in 1998 and based in Mumbai, India. Main objective of Biomax is to offer simple but innovative products to serve the mother earth, the plants, the man and the animals. Aware of the environmental issues and the need for green technology, Biomax emphasizes on the natural products of microbial or plant origin for most applications.

Caring for the environment Biomax offers a spectrum of eco-friendly products for earth care, plant care, health care, animal care and fabric care.


  • Agriculture, Floriculture, Horticulture and related industry.
  • Nutraceuticals and Herbal remedies industry.
  • Textile processing industry.
  • Food and beverage industry.
  • Poultry and dairy farms.


  • Biofertilizers
  • Natural foliar sprays and adjuvants
  • Phytochemicals
  • Enzymes
  • Cleaning agents and disinfectants for farms and agro-based industry


Biomax is based in Thane - Mumbai, India and, easily accessible by Rail or Road. Three national highways pass through the district of Thane. It is located hardly 45 minutes drive from the local and the international airports in Mumbai. It is easily accessible from the sea port at J.N.P.T., New Mumbai.


Biomax is promoted by Dr. Arun Kulkarni, who earned Doctorate from UICT, Mumbai. He has completed a postdoctoral project in Biotechnology in the faculty of agriculture in Japan with fellowship from Government of Japan. With prolonged technical and industrial training in a number of European countries, he has seen the best of both the worlds - east as well as west.

Dr Kulkarni was listed twice in MARQUES DIRECTORY OF WHO’S WHO IN THE WORLD for professional excellence. He is a member of a number of professional associations and a visiting faculty for Enzyme Technology and applied Biotechnology


For the each of the product range offered, Biomax makes arrangements with leading institutions in the field for development, quality improvement, application development and other factors vital for the best service to the users.