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Microbial Fertilizer - Solid SUPPLIERS IN MUMBAI, INDIA


BIOMIX is a biofertilizer offered by Biomax. BIOMIX is a well balanced and a unique blend of selected species of microbes which fix atmospheric nitrogen in the soil making it available to plants. It also contains microbes which can solubilize residual Phosphates, Iron, and Magnesium etc from soil making them more easily available to the plants. It stimulates sprouting and helps to increase the water holding capacity of the soil. BIOMIX is ideal for improving quality and health of soils and plants.

BIOMIX is a strong root stimulator for plants that have already rooted and also stimulates Root Development / growth in young plant. It increases the resistance against disease. BIOMIX is therefore an ideal substance for plants and cuttings that are potted as well as for unhealthy and badly developed plants after a state of shock. BIOMIX is of completely organic origin and has no harmful effects on man, animals, birds or fish. LIFE plays a multifunctional role:

  • As vital components of organic amendments and composts
  • As legume inoculants for biological nitrogen fixation
  • As a means of suppressing insects and plant diseases
  • To improve crop quality and yields


  • Restores soil microflora
  • Increases seed germination.
  • Promotes deeper rooting system.
  • Solubilizes and removes phosphate residues from soil.
  • Enhances nutrient cycling.

BIOMIX is recommended for many crops like cereals, millets and forage crops including vegetables to get better plant growth and higher yield. BIOMIX also helps other plants like Wheat, Paddy, Sugarcane, Cotton, Banana, Vine, Mango and Plantation Crops such as Coffee, Tea, Cardamom and others. It is ideal also for flower crops like Rose, Hibiscus, Chrysanthemum, Gerbera, Petunia, Daffodils, Jasmine, Sunflower, Dahlia, etc. BIOMIX improves growth, yield and quality of crops adding to farm profitability.


  • Color/form: Amber – Brown powder
  • Odor: Organic


  • 25 Kg.


Store cool and in dark, away from heat and direct light.


Valid for 18 months, when stored cool, away from direct heat and light.


For soil applications, use 5 - 8 kg BIOMIX per acre.
The dose varies with the soil being treated, the crop and the climatic conditions.