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Biofertilizer suppliers in Mumbai, India

  • Natural microflora at the root zone of plants contributes to soil fertility, plant growth & health.
  • Biomax Biofertilizer “LIFE” augments the natural microflora at the root zone of plants.

Soil Fertility
Soil Fertility indicates the strength or the ability of the soils to provide nutrients to the plants. Most of the plant nutrition comes from the organic content. A small but vital portion of the nutrition is provided by - the trace elements or micronutrients. Organic content of the soils is developed and maintained by the friendly bacteria present in the soils. These bacteria digest the agricultural or other organic wastes. The degradation products of the organic wastes improve fertility of the soils.

Why Fertilizers
The plants meet their own Carbon requirement by the process of photosynthesis using the green pigment “Chlorophyll.” Other main nutrients to be provided to the plants for healthy growth are Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium. Equally vital are the nutrients; Calcium, Magnesium and sulfur. The minor or trace elements required to be provided are, iron, manganese, molybdenum, boron, copper, zinc and chlorine. Proper fertilizers are to be selected to provide all these major and minor nutrients to the plants

Why Bio-Fertilizers
Since historic or prehistoric times crops and plants have grown naturally in the fertile soils. Growth and quality of the crops depend on the fertility of soils. Organic content of the soils contribute to the soil fertility. Population burst and profit orientated approaches to farming, lead to intense farming across the globe. For rapid and higher yields chemical fertilizers are commercially being used since 19th century, deteriorating the soil quality. The quantity of chemical fertilizer added to the fields is increased every year to maintain the same quantity of yield. Because of increase in the addition of chemical fertilizer to the soil, the soil has lost its fertility in many locations across the globe.

Chemical fertilizers have a harmful effect on the environment; contaminating the soil and water. The sheer volume of fertilizers added to the soil each year is a major threat to environment, even if the fertilizing effects are of immediate benefits in some perspectives. With use of chemical fertilizers the investment for fertilizers goes on increasing; with biofertilizers, the investment for fertilizers goes on decreasing. The use of biofertilizers is eco-friendly whereas the use of chemical fertilizers harms the natural balance.

The quantity of organics in the agricultural lands has decreased gradually by years. Self regenerating ability of the soil is also lost due to the excessive use of chemical fertilizers. Soil pollution is very high leading top & ground water pollution. Farmers suffer from serious health hazards like: Skin allergies, Respiratory deceases, etc., Hence now there is an awareness of organic farming or natural farming or sustainable farming. This is where BIOFERTILIZERS and BIOMAX come in.

How Biofertilizers work
In natural soils, there is an abundance of biopolymers like proteins, fats, fibers and carbohydrates. Bacteria in soil have the enzyme systems to digest these large biopolymers to respective smaller monomers. Proteins are digested to amino acids, carbohydrates and fiber to sugars and fats/lipids to fatty acids by the soil bacteria. Plants can easily absorb these small molecules or monomers which provide the essential nutrition. Additionally, the soil-bacteria help the plant-roots to absorb Major and minor nutrients present in the soils. The soil-bacteria also release biochemicals which accelerate the plant growth.

Our range of Biofertilizers

  • LIFE: High Performance Liquid Biofertilizer having over 5 billion live bacteria in spoonful of product.
  • BIOMIX: Solid biofertilizer rich in organics and defined bacterial population.
  • BIOZINK: Liquid biofertilizer, dedicated to zinc mobilization.