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BIOZAX consists of an exclusive and well-balanced blend of natural ingredients necessary for the crops. It is a unique combination of high-powered nutrients, vitamins, energizers and other biochemicals. It improves overall crop health for sustainable growth. Various ingredients of BIOZAX provide a full support system for plant nutrition.

BIOZAX increases the enzymatic activity in the plant, giving rise to increased chlorophyll synthesis. This results in LUSH GREEN GROWTH of the plants, which increases solar energy utilization and thus the net photosynthesis and crop productivity.

BIOZAX facilitates absorption and translocation of nutrients inside the plant when applied along with other micro or macro nutrients. This leads to rapid correction of nutrient deficiencies. This also enhances crop growth at the key stages.

BIOZAX Improves root development, flower induction, fruit set, fruit development, yield, luster & keeping quality. BIOZAX helps to improve farm yields by about 10-25% or even more. There are built-in components in BIOZAX to meet the necessary requirements of soil amendments in case of problematic soils.

BIOZAX is a designed and developed to give a superior quality crop after harvest. Use of BIOZAX leads to better quality and yields of farm produce, particularly fruits and vegetables, which are nutritionally superior, tastes good, have a good luster and better keeping quality.

It is useful on all kinds of plants: vegetables and row crops, trees and vine crops, turf and sod. BIOZAX has shown satisfactory results with cotton, cabbage, carrot, lettuce, tomato, potatoes, cucumber, egg plant, beans, pepper, and peas. It shows excellent results also with flowers like rose, hibiscus, chrysanthemums, gerbera, and petunias.

BIOZAX provides benefits such as

  • Increased number of flowers and fruits.
  • Larger and brighter flowers.
  • Larger and juicier fruits.
  • Lush Green and bigger leaves.
  • Higher sugar (Brix) content.
  • Higher protein content in the plant components.
  • Higher total digestive nutrients (TDN).
  • Longer shelf life of harvested crops.


  • Color/Form: Amber Liquid
  • Odor: Organic
  • pH: 6.2 (+/- 0.3)


Store cool and in dark. Avoid prolonged exposure to direct heat and light.


Stable for over 18 months when stored in sealed containers.


25 & 50 liter in HDPE cans, 200 liter HDPE drums. 16 MT in 20 feet container.


  • Foliar Application: Add BIOZAX @ 10 -15 ml to 1 liter water and mix well. Ensure the leaf surface is completely wetted. About 200 liters of dilute solution is usually required to be sprayed for 1 acre. This needs to be checked for individual farm. Quantity of BIOZAX varies with the foliage to be covered.
  •     - For smaller, more intensive growing areas, use 250 ml BIOZAX diluted with 15 liters of water for approximately 1000 square feet.
        - Spray on foliage until slightly damp. Last spray on foliage 1 to 10 days prior to harvesting. Apply with any suitable spray equipment.
  • Drip Irrigation: Use 5 to 10 ml BIOZAX per liter of water. Calculate the amount of BIOZAX depending upon the desired amount of water to be used for the drip. Mix well with water in the mother tank before starting drip.


  • Always add product last to spray tank containing required amount of water.
  • In case of drip-irrigation, add BIOZAX at the calculated dose to the mother tank
  • If a dosing pump is installed downstream of the mother tank, adjust the dose as per the recommendations.
  • Dose rates may vary due to soil tilling methods, climate conditions and frequency of application.
  • Do not exceed recommended application rates.
  • Apply to foliage during early morning or late afternoon.
  • Try first on a small patch.
  • Dose rate can be lowered if required with experience.