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BIOWET-T offered by Biomax is a high power wetting Agent. BIOWET-T is a new generation spreader sticker that helps to reduce the water tension of spray solutions so that insecticides and fungicides applications have an increased chance of direct contact with the pest or pathogen. It is a multi-purpose spray adjuvant to enhance the performance and efficacy of insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, miticides, fertilizers and other agricultural chemicals.

BIOWET-T improves and promotes wetting, sticking and contact/depositing activity of the agrochemicals sprayed. BIOWET-T helps to stick and spread on all plant parts not allowing the solution to wash out in rains. It provides more uniform spray deposit on plant surface thereby improving coverage making the spray more effective. When tank mixing agricultural chemicals, BIOWET-T promotes compatibility and reduces drift. It is suitable mostly all sprayers. BIOWET-T is non-toxic non-corrosive, non-flammable and environmentally safe.

BIOWET-T dose varies with the crop, the pest, the kind of spray equipment, the pesticide or mixture being used, and water hardness. BIOWET-T is suitable for mostly all crops. Such as; Fruit trees, Vineyards, Field & row crops, Vegetable and flower gardens, greenhouse and home gardens.


  • COLOR/FORM: Amber liquid.
  • ODOR: Organic.
  • MISCIBILITY: Completely miscible with water.
  • pH: 6.5 (+/- 0.3)


25 and 50 liter HDPE cans. 16 MT per 20 feet container.


Store cool and in dark, away from heat and direct light.


Stable for 24 months when stored in sealed containers at 8 – 10 0C.


  • Add 1 ml of BIOWET-T to 1 liter (water + agrochemical) mixture & mix well
  • (Use 15 ml to 15 lit backpack spray).
  • Do not exceed the dose of BIOWET-T.
  • Add BIOWET-T at the end after filling with water.
  • Try smaller doses of products (herbicide, insecticide, etc) before use.
  • Dose rate may vary with climate conditions material to be sprayed and the spray equipment used.