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Among all micronutrients, Zinc is a rather unique element for plant nutrition. Zinc is not mobile in plants. This calls for a constant supply of bio-available zinc for optimum growth. Zinc-deficiency symptoms occur mainly in growth phase. Zinc deficient plants exhibit delayed maturity, short internodes and a decrease in leaf size.

Zinc deficiency is related to reduced root growth and activity. Lower microbial activity in the soil decreases zinc release from soil organic matter. Zinc uptake by plants usually decreases with increased soil pH or with high phosphates content in soil.

BIOZINK is an effective solution to zinc deficiency problems. BIOZINK is made from non-GM with zinc solubilizing ability. These microbes are isolated from highly fertile agricultural soils. BIOZINK forms an ideal biofertilizer to correct Zinc deficiency. When applied to soil it helps the plant to absorb Zn from soil which otherwise would be difficult for the plants. BIOZINK can be applied to mostly all plants.


  • Color: Amber
  • Odor: Organic
  • Miscibility: Completely miscible with water.
  • pH: 5.7 (+/- 0.5)


  • 1, 5 and 25 liter HDPE containers.
  • Larger packaging can be offered against request.


Store cool and in dark, away from heat and direct light.


Valid for 15 months when stored in sealed containers at 8 – 10 0C.


  • Use 1 liter per Hector.
  • Add 1 liter of BIOZINK to required amount of water for irrigation of drip.
  • Add about 500 ml of HUMIBIOL for better results.