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  • Organic plant care is an easy way to go green & reduce global pollution.
  • Our unique products cut your fertilization costs, yields healthier plants, Sustainable soils and higher profits.

The last century saw the introduction of chemical fertilizers. Substantial increase in the yield lead to indiscriminate use of such fertilizers. Farmers were happy of getting increased yield in agriculture in the beginning. Over a period of time, the chemical fertilizers started displaying their ill-effects such as leaching out, and polluting natural water bodies, destroying beneficial soil micro-organisms and friendly insects, making the crop more susceptible to the attack of diseases, reducing the soil organics hence the fertility and thus causing irreparable damage to the overall system.

A healthy soil is essential for any crop. Without healthy soil, your plants and grass will suffer & even die. Achieving bio-fertility is accomplished by the application of living microorganisms to your soil, which is essential to supplying nutrients to trees, plants, shrubs and turf. Microorganisms change the soil’s biology and facilitate raw organic nutrient production at site. Over time, a biologically healthy soil will prevent the dependence on chemical and fertilizers. The end goal is to have organic, sustainable farms, completely free of toxic, petroleum based chemicals.

With this view, we have developed bio-based, concentrated, nutritionally balanced biofertilizers for professional use. Your fruit trees, row crops, vegetable and flower gardens, or turf; result in a healthy and profitable crop with use of Biomax products. Additionally our products release certain biomolecules in soils enhancing plant growth. Our products impart drought and stress resistance to the plants. A stronger and deeper root system, increased germination rates, and augmented native bacterial life, are the additional benefits offered by our products. Increased resistance to infections and pests minimize the treatment costs, further adding to the profitability.

Crops have to be provided with chemical fertilizers repeatedly to replenish the loss of nitrogen utilized for crop growth. Biomax bio-fertilizers supply Nitrogen throughout the entire period of crop growth in the field under. Continuous use of chemical fertilizers adversely affects the soil structure. Biomax products can reverse this damage over a period of time. Biomax products also release certain biomolecules like hormones, vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, etc. Biomax products thus contribute to sustainability.

Foliar application of nutrients and agrochemicals allows rapid absorption by the plants. However, it is a tricky situation. Leaves of many plants are covered with smooth invisible waxy film, some other have hairy surface. Even distribution of the active ingredient on entire plant surface is therefore quite difficult. Uneven spreading or distribution, undesired wash out or run off and unhealthy drift of the aero spray may cause significant loss of fertilizers or other agrochemicals. Use of a well designed spreader/sticker eliminates these problems.

Biomax offers a concentrated spreader/sticker compatible with most agrochemicals. It improves the performance and effectiveness of agrochemicals sprays such as insecticides, herbicides, fertilizers, etc.. Biomax spreader/sticker is a non-phytotoxic, eco-friendly product of GRASS status.

Our active range of products for agriculture and related applications.

  • LIFE: High Performance Liquid Biofertilizer having over 5 billion live bacteria in spoonful of product.
  • BIOMIX: Solid biofertilizer rich in organics and defined bacterial population.
  • BIOZINK: Liquid biofertilizer, dedicated to zinc mobilization.
  • BIOZAX: Rapid action natural liquid bio-fertilizer, ideal for foliar application.
  • BIOWET-T: High power spreader/sticker compatible with most agrochemicals.