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  • Foliar application of nutrients minimizes wastage, as compared to the root applied nutrients.
  • Foliar applied Nutrients reach all the parts of plants in about 20 minutes.

Since its first recorded use in the early 19th century, foliar fertilization has been the subject of interest to the environmentalists and has become widely adopted as a standard practice for many crops including Grapes, Vegetables, Soyabean, Corn - Maize etc. Plants can absorb additives and nutrients through either the stomata, or through their waxy cuticle layer. It is therefore essential to spray both sides of the leaves for better absorption.

A very permeable pathway exists for the movement of nutrients through the surface of the leaf to the various living tissues within the plant. It has been found to be very fast to move from the leaf to within the plant itself. Most applied additives are absorbed into, and throughout the entire plant quicker than root applied additives. Such applied nutrients move rapidly to points of new growing points of stems and roots, thus having an immediate effect on growth and development.

The foliar fertilizers are of help
    1) When soil conditions limit availability of soil applied nutrients.
    2) In conditions when high loss rates of soil applied nutrients may occur.
    3) When the stage of plant growth, the internal plant demand and the environment conditions interact to limit
        delivery of nutrients to critical plant organs.

In each of these conditions, the decision to apply foliar fertilizers is determined by the correction required of deficiency of a nutrient and the efficacy of the foliar fertilizer.

Furthermore foliar fertilization is theoretically more environmentally friendly, immediate and target-oriented than soil fertilization. Nutrients in foliar fertilizer are directly delivered to plant tissues during critical stages of plant growth.

Foliar fertilizers also help develop stress resistance in plants. Stress such as High temperature, Low humidity, Frost, Pest attack, Hailstorm, Floods have a negative effect on plants metabolism with a corresponding reduction in crop quality and quantity. The application of foliar fertilizers before, during and after the stress conditions supplies the plants has a preventing and recovering effect.

Plants synthesize carbohydrates by photosynthesis; Low photosynthesis rate implies a slow growth leading to lower yields or even death of the plant. Chlorophyll is the responsible molecule for the absorption of the light energy required for photosynthesis to make carbohydrates. Foliar fertilizers help formation of chlorophyll. This leads to lush green foliage.

The microbial flora of soil is responsible for generation of organics and in turn for fertility of the soil. A well balanced microbial flora around the root zone of the plants is essential for growth and health of the plants. Foliar spray causes an increase of plant sugars. About 25-30% of these sugars are used to feed soil bacteria. The foliar fertilizer reaches the root zone by transportation through the plant system and also thorough the run-off from the foliage and provides right nutrition to the microbes at the root zone.

Biomax offers foliar fertilizer BIOZAX which consists of an exclusive and well-balanced blend of natural ingredients necessary for the crops. It is a unique combination of high-powered nutrients, vitamins, energizers and other biochemicals. It improves overall crop health for sustainable growth. Various ingredients of BIOZAX provide a full support system for plant nutrition.

Proper use of foliar fertilizer leads to Increased Yield, Higher Weight of Grains, Better Flavor & Increased Shelf Life,

Biomax product for foliar fertilization

  • BIOZAX: Rapid action natural liquid bio-fertilizer, ideal for foliar application.