Degreaser gel for hands and solid surfaces

Most of the techniques of grease removal use solvents adding to pollution. Grease removal is also rough on workers’ hands, leading to labor unrest. Shops and plants that prefer to invest in “Environment Health and Safety” (EHS) protect their employees’ hand health by providing B~Clean. It helps complete degreasing of hands and yet keeps the skin smooth and soft. It is quick and effective in removing most of the tough soils.

WHAT IS B~Clean?

B~Clean is a well designed non-chlorinated, non-aromatic, non-flammable, non-toxic product. B~Clean is a solvent free, highly concentrated degreaser, designed to quickly remove heavy industrial grease. B-Clean contains eco-friendly surfactants and other proprietary decontamination composition for effective removal of various types of dirt residues. Advanced formula cleans hands and skin whilst it re-moisturizes & protects.


The hand cleaner degreaser clings to hands, instead of falling into the sink or flowing away, and effortlessly rinses the hands clean. The ‘No-VOC’ gel formula results in thorough cleaning of hands leaving a healthy skin feel. B~Clean leaves hands feeling clean, soothed and refreshed, giving the shop-floor team confidence in their hands “on and off” the job. B~Clean quickly solubilizes, breaks down and removes grease, dirt, oil, paint, grime, etc. It is pH balanced to promote skin comfort while leaving hands clean and fresh leaving hands spotless and silky smooth. There is no need for water & therefore ideal for factories, garages, building, printing & engineering workshops.



B~Clean offers complete Hand Protection and Environmental Protection. It is an easy to use Professional Hand Cleaner. B~Clean is a waterless hand cleaner is effective in removing oil, grease, paint, varnishes, carbon black, putty, graphite, and other dirt. It is ideal for use in industries such as factories, garages, building, printing, oil/gas exploration, oil refining, steel, metallurgy, shipbuilding, machinery, machine repair, aircraft maintenance, and other related industries. B~Clean degreases engines, hydraulic cylinders, and any other heavily soiled parts without environmentally harmful solvents. It is very effective at removing varnishes and carbon. B~Clean has a very slow evaporation rate and emits no harmful fumes.



  • For use in-situ or in the field.
  • For Maintenance Professionals, Contractors & Service Engineers.
  • Advanced formula cleans hands and skin.
  • Low-foaming.
  • Gives maximum protection to skin.
  • Aids in prevention of industrial dermatitis.
  • Water-free cleaning; can be used at any location.
  • No need of kerosene or other solvents; minimizes environmental pollution.
  • No color, no smell, eliminates allergic reactions.
  • Leaves no sticky residue or feeling on hands.
  • Ingredients in B~Clean minimize cracking.
  • No nitrites or phosphates.
  • Non chlorinated, non-aromatic, non-toxic.
  • Contains no Volatile Chemicals or solvents.
  • Non-Hazardous.
  • Biodegradable.
  • User friendly product; ensures user safety.


Form Semisolid product
Color Colorless product
Odor Odorless product
Pathogens – E. coli and Salmonella absent.
(B~Clean can be offered with specific color and odor against request)

PACKAGING 5 kg and 25 kg HDPE pales.
STORAGE Store in cool and dark space.
STABILITY Valid for 18 months.


Degreasing of hands

  • Remove excess of grease or oil or dirt from hands.
  • Take a teaspoon of B~Clean on you palm.
  • Rub palms gently against each other till all the stains are removed.
  • Wipe palms with wet cloth or wash with water.
  • Repeat the process if required. The product is harmless and can be used as many times as desired.
  • Keep the container of B~Clean closed and away from reach of children.

Degreasing of hard surfaces

  • Remove excess of grease or oil or dirt from surface.
  • Take adequate amount of B~Clean on to the area to be cleaned.
  • Rub gently with a wet cloth till all the stains are removed.
  • Repeat the process if required. The product is harmless and can be used as many times as desired.
  • Rinse hands with water.
  • In case of water shortage, wipe with a wet cloth or wet tissue.


  • Keep away from reach of children.
  • Not a personal hygiene product.
  • For external application only.

B~Clean Application Guide

B~Clean is a multipurpose product. It can be used on hands as well as on must surfaces. For use with hard surfaces of various categories, B~Clean may be diluted with plain water at the time of use.

Recommended Dilutions for various applications:

  • Dip Tanks: Dilute B~Clean with 10 times of its volume with plain water.
  • Engines: Use B~Clean diluted with twice its volume of plain water to degrease engines. Spray generously on cool engines (avoid contact with car finishes, may spot). Allow to penetrate grease. Rinse with strong stream of water.
  • Chassis, Smoke Stacks, Trailers, Truck Fuel Tanks, Industrial Machinery: Dilute B~Clean with thrice its volume of plain water. Spray generously and evenly. Brush lightly if needed and rinse well with strong stream of water. All other tough jobs simply spray on and wipe or rinse with strong stream of water.
  • Car and Truck Tires, Painted Truck Tire Rims: Dilute B~Clean with thrice its volume of plain water. Spray generously and evenly onto tires.
  • Automotive Chrome Wire Wheels: Dilute B~Clean with thrice its volume of plain water. Spray generously onto each wheel and allow penetration. Rinse well with strong stream of water.
  • Vinyl Tops and Upholstery: Dilute B~Clean with 8 times its volume of plain water. Spray onto upholstery. Brush if needed and rinse.
  • Oil Dispersant and Rig Cleaner: Dilute B~Clean with equal amount of plain water. Apply B~Clean onto oils generously and allow penetrating. Wipe or rinse with water.
  • Pressure Washing: Dilute B~Clean to 1 in 100 with plain water for metered commercial machines. Use the dilute product for Pressure Wash of trailers, houses, siding, concrete and brick, restaurant hoods, and many other washable surfaces.
  • Restaurants and Food Processing Plants: For removing cooking grease from equipment, walls, and floors dilute B~Clean with twice the volume of plain water.


  • The dilution ratios as above are general recommendations.
  • The dilution ratios will vary with the difficulty of the task on hand.
  • The exact dilution ratios can be decided by trials at site.